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How To Do The 9x Table With Your Fingers

Education : Maths

Hold your hands out facing you:

For each of the 9 times table upto ten put down the appropriate finger

eg 1 x 9 LH Thumb
2 x 9 LH Index finger
3 x 9 LH Middle finger and so on

To read the result you just count up the total number of fingers/thumbs on the left and the right of the finger that has been put down.

For the left hand side total each finger/thumb is worth 10 and on the right hand side each finger/thumb is worth 1. EG. for 3 x 9 you would put your middle finger down (third from left)

There would be 2 fingers on the LHS and 7 fingers on the RHS. LHS is worth ten per finger so total is 20. RHS is worth 1 per finger so total is 7 - giving 27.

It is actually really simple and will enable you to work out some of your 9 x table in a second.

(It really is a visual device so explaining it is quite difficult!- sorry if I have confused you but this has helped me a lot over the years!)

By: Nisha Frizzell on Mon, Aug 22nd 2005

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