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Dress Like An LA Girl

Beauty : Clothes And Fashion

Los Angeles is always fashionable and cool. If you want to have that kind of style then here are some tips.

T shirts are key to this look. Buy different colours, even bold, bright ones. Dont opt for the boring shades all the time, but some are good for more smarter wear. Buy some over sized tops aswell as tighter tank tops.

If you want to look more girly, then wear a dress. Loose jersey dresses with think straps are great. Accessorize with jackets or cardigans when its cold.

Jeans are also important. Dark skinnies are popular in LA, but buy a few other styles too - light, coloured, straight, baggy, slouch and flared.

Colourful flip flops are comfortable and a great option. Black heels go with everything, and are ideal for nights out where you need to dress up a bit more.

Keep jewellery to a minimum. Maybe a simple gold necklace or a few beaded bracelets.

Go for big sunglasses and big hand bags. Whiten your teeth, and carry your mobile phone in one hand, a coffee in the other. Sorted!

By: Danielle

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