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Email Newsletters - The Best Time To Send

Computing : Newsletters

Another question that many people have with a newsletter is 'when is the best time to send it?'

This really varies from person to person and site to site. Clearly many of us have readers all over the world so the time of day may not be a massive issue.

If your mailing list if targetted at one country predominantly, then send it to suit their timescales. For instance, an evening or early morning would work best then something in the middle of the day when less people may read it.

With regard the day of the week, research has been done and seems to show it doesn't really matter!

Many people seem to prefer a Monday as we seem most productive on work at that day and more likely to be alert and check emails; whilst others prefer the weekend as people have more time and are more relaxed.

Really it is up to you, but ultimately the content and quality of the newsletter is what will determine how successful the newsletter is rather than when you actually send it out!

By: Stephen

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