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How To Encourage Shoppers To Buy More

Business : ECommerce

If you have an online shop, then the chances are that there are things you could do to increase the value of each sale. Which sounds quite a tempting prize, doesn't it?

The best thing to do is to try and cross-sell other products at point of purchase. For instance, have you noticed on sites like Amazon how they suggest related products that you might like to buy when you add one product to your basket?

Or if you use Vistaprint how they try and sell you more products when you make a purchase?

These are all good and successful tactics for increasing online sales.

So, if you have a database of products that are categorised, when someone buys one item in a category, suggest a related item in the same category.

You could even try time-limited offers or reduced prices if they buy another item!

By: Stephen

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