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How To Ensure A Happy Girlfriend

Relationships : Dating Advice

The best way to do this is to buy them little gifts regularly. It's hard for blokes to do, but girls really love all that sort of sentimental stuff. If you buy them flowers but do nothing else, chances are they think you're feeling guilty about something and quiz you why you got them flowers!

What you need to do is a few times a year buy them a little something - doesn't need to be expensive. It could be one of those soppy little teddy bears with a heart on it saying I love you, or maybe a nice piece of jewellery you saw them looking at in a catalogue magazine.

They'll be really impressed if you go window shopping with them and they really like a pair of earrings, or something like that, then a few weeks later you give them to her as a present. Little things like this show that you've taken the time and have listened and paid attention to what they do and say, and how they feel.

Trust me, it might not be natural to men, but women love that sort of thing... so if you are one of the few guys that can do this, your girlfriend will really appreciate it!!!

By: Paul Coxhill on Sat, Oct 4th 2003

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I'd like to add that the very best gifts are original ones--especially things that make reference to your girlfriend's personality or to something you've shared together.

When you give a girl a teddy bear, it's good. When you give her a stuffed giraffe to commemorate the first night you spent "necking," or a stuffed muskrat because she loves The Captain & Tenille, it's even better. A dozen red roses is always a good bet, but a bouquet of her favourite flower, or a bouquet of various flowers all in her favourite colour, shows how well you know her and is therefore even better. A mix tape of her favourite songs, or of songs that are significant to your relationship, is always appreciated.

Note her favourite bath products, scents, and colours. Note her astrological sign, birthstone and birth flower. Note her favourite foods. All of these things will help you come up with thoughtful gifts.

Giving a gift and saying "I figured you'd like it because..." or "When I saw this, I thought of you because..." will score you big points..

Why can women not feel happy without presents? its ridiculous. Is it insecurity, or self importance issues?.

It's not really about buying presents Martin, I think it's that most boys aren't very good at communicating their feelings in other ways.

Little thoughtful gifts encourage you of a boys affections - if you're a communicative chap, maybe you won't need to do as much gift-buying, as your girl won't need the extra reassurance! If you find the right girl, I don't think gift-buying would make you resentful. And with the right girl, thoughtfulness earns far more brownie points than expensive ones. Plus there are a few girls who don't like flowers, poems and CDs... find one of them!

PS. Paul Coxhill, how did you learn all that!!?? You must have VERY happy girlfriends :).

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