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How To Explain The Missing Evolutionary Link


The book Silbury Dawning: The Alien Visitor Gene Theory presents the unique theory that the 'missing link' in our evolution was due to the arrival of an extra-terrestrial being or race of beings some 13,000 years ago that bred with, or somehow implanted its genetic material and educated our Homo sapiens ancestors. As per Darwin's theory, those Homo sapiens with the Alien Visitor gene had a significant advantage and began to replace those that did not - resulting in the human race that quickly evolved from a single point.

The book argues that this Alien Visitor founded our earliest civilisation and suggests that clues to the existence of the Alien Visitor on Earth can be found through: -

New archaeological discoveries of ancient cities, Atlantis perhaps, or recovery of hidden artefacts locked away in museums, monasteries or the Vatican.

Archaeologists and geneticists working together on investigating the DNA in ancient mummified remains.

Epigenetics, a rapidly expanding branch of microbiology, could also provide answers to the Alien Visitor gene theory. At the heart of this new field of science is a simple idea ? that genes have a ?memory?. Epigenetics provides compelling evidence that a memory of an event could be passed through generations. Will epigenetics provide the science to enable us to locate and ?switch on? our hidden memory gene codes and re-trace our detailed and factual history to confirm the existence of the Alien Visitor in our distant past?

The slow recovery of our hidden knowledge we have inherited from the offspring of the Alien Visitor and the bipedal Hominid species.

The interpretation of 'messages' which were transmitted by the Alien Visitor when it lived on our planet that are now appearing in crop fields near ancient monuments such as Silbury Hill.

The likelihood that one day we intra-terrestrials will meet our extra-terrestrial ancestors.

Our incredible legacy from this extra-terrestrial ancestor is explored in relation to the evolution of the computer and the rapidly expanding information superhighway.

By: John Cowie

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The 'missing link' as you call it is one of the greatest lay errors in scientific thinking.

There never is nor was a search for a missing link. Yes, our evolutionary history has a lot of holes in it but such is the fossil record. Every year as more fossil hominid samples are found, our understanding of the human evolutionary history improves.

If you want to use the term accurately, the 'missing link' would have to be every fossil species science is yet to discover.

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