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Fantastic Party Ideas And Tips


Let's Party

Itís best to use an electric knife on small finger sandwiches , that have a filling that will easily run out.

You can hollow out a green, red, or yellow pepper. Fill it with a dip.

You can also scoop out a cucumber or small squash for dips also.

If your having wine and cheese, figure 4 oz of cheese per person.

A quart of dip will take care of 150 Ė 170 cracker size servings.

If your having a picnic figure on 3 beers, or soft drinks per person.

If making a pizza it is wise to add, the cheese before the sauce. This will prevent the crust from getting soggy.

Now if your worried about your ice cubes melting for drinks, just place a larger under the ice cubes with dry ice in it. They will last through the entire party.

Got left over wine coolers. Try freezing them in ice cube trays. Now use them in anything that calls for wine.

Donít forget. You can add food coloring to cream cheese for your rolled sandwiches. You can even use a different color for each layer.

For adult drinks freeze some olives in ice cubes.

For childrenís drinks freeze some red cherries in ice cubes.

Now lets keep that large punch bowl cold. Take an make some large ice cubes, using milk cartons. The larger the cube, the slower it will melt.
The rule of thumb is 1 lb of ice cubes per person. The average person will go through 10 Ė 15 cubes for his drinks. Depending on the type of drink. Now youíll need 2 lbs for the big boozers. Or better yet, donít invite them.

A great dip is to just puree 1 cup of white beans drained, with a package of any herb Ė flavored soft cheese.

Kids love those animal sandwiches. So just get out your cookie cutters.

If serving meats, keep a damp paper towel over them. Then they wonít dry out.

Stop that fizzing. When you get ready to pour soda in a glass, place the ice cubes in first. Now rinse them for a few seconds, and pour the water out. Last pour the soda in. You just changed the tension of the ice.

Fill ice cube trays with hot water. They will freeze faster.

Need chocolate for recipes. Wait until after Easter. Now go buy some solid chocolate rabbits, and shave them with a potato peeler.

Now if youíd like to serve some fancy butter- Just take and squeeze some butter on a cookie sheet, and chill until it hardens.

Dishes placed out on a buffet like to move. So just slide

By: Bev

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