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Fashionable Hair Styles 2013

Beauty : Haircare

Here is a guide on the fashionable hair styles that are going to be big in 2013
so make sure you are on trend and follow these tips and styles.

Low maintanance messy manes

This year it's okay to have out of bed look, a messy main was showing up on all the catwalks!

The perfect chignon

You will need the following:
A round brush or paddle brush, elastic band/hair band and bobby pins.

Blowdry your hair smooth with the brush
Brush away hair from face and tie into pony tail
Seperate pony tail into two sections and tug to secure the band
Twist the pony tail from top to bottom and tuck the end under the knot and secure with bobby pinds
Finish with some hairspray!

Super straight

This year it is fashionable to have poker straight hair, you can achieve this by using straightners and flat irons with some serum.


Vintage Fashion is bigger then ever, and so are vintage hairstyles, you can search online to get some ideas, but below is one idea you can try!

60's up do

You will need the following:
Hairspray. Paddle Brush, Hair Pins, Hair Bands.

Make sure hair is clean and then blow dry your fringe using a paddle brush, use the hear to get the hair to move then blast with cold to set the hair.
Tease the hair at the crown for some volume, and then smooth over with brush.
Loosely pull hait back with hands and into a pony tail at the nape of the neck.
Twist the ponytail into a knot, a bun or a french twist, and then secure with hair pins

By: Jade

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