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How To Fill In Your Eyebrows

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The shape of your brows can have an effect on the shape of your face and eyes. If you have quite thin and/or fair brows, you might want to use some makeup to fill them in a bit. You can buy brow filler in many different colours, but it is best to choose one that is a bit lighter than your hair. If your brow is quite thick, then use a sharp eyebrow pencil to add colour to the thinner parts with light strokes. Brow powder can enhance thin brows. Use a flat brow brush to apply the colour over the natural brow shape, first to the outer edges then to the area near the nose.

Keep eyebrows in shape

If you want to keep your brows in shape during the day, especially loose hairs, then use an eyebrow brush to groom them into place. An old toothbrush will suffice if you do not have this tool. Use a brow powder to keep the hairs in place, one with a wax base will work best, or alternatively try using a brow gel which can often double up as a clear mascara depending on the make.

By: Bev Woolfson on Thu, May 23rd 2002

More eyebrows advice

Vaseline Mini Lip pots are great for keeping brows in shape all day!.

I just use a brown eyeshaddow instead of brow powder :)

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