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How To Find A Driving Instructor

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When it comes to learning to drive you will of course need a driving instructor.

Most people don't know someone who is a qualified instructor and therefore you will need to find one yourself.

There are two possible ways to do this. One of the methods is to phone around a few companies and get quotes, or go with a big name if you think they are the best to go with and will be the most reliable.

However the best method is simply to go through word of mouth. We all know people that have learnt to drive recently, and often many people, so just ask around your friends for a recommendation. Who did they have, and did they think they were a good instructor?

Or perhap they don't and would recommend going elsewhere and can give you a list of questions to ask a potential driving instructor, either way by asking around you are sure to either get recommendations or useful advice about who to avoid!

Of course, before you drive you need to pass the Driving Theory Test

Learning to drive is an expensive thing to do and so you want to give yourself the best possible chance of passing the test that you can. Therefore be sure to give yourself a flying start by getting the bset possible instructor that you can.

By: Stacy

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