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How To Find An Online Niche

Computing : Web Sites

Everyone knows that there are millions of web sites out there, many in competition with each other.

The number of sites selling information products has also mushroomed, and to get decent traffic and sales in the mainstream market is very hard indeed.

One way to get less traffic, but better quality traffic, is to target a niche market - an area of your skills or expertise you feel able to write an ebook about, but is not currently exploited by others.

Perhaps you have a product that is only relevant to a small selection of people living in a certain place - this is less likely to have been targeted by others. Do some searches on the main search engines and see if anything else is in this niche at the moment.

If not, then write your marketing literature for the product around these niche searches you'd like to come to your site.

It is better to be the top result for a very specific search to your site that only gets performed ten times a day, than number five thousand in a search that gets performed ten thousand times a day!

By: Stephen

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