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How To Find Out If Your Partner Is Married

Relationships : Finding The Right Man For You

Is your boyfriend or partner married to someone else? We all like to think not, but the reality is there are occasions where you might not be sure and have suspicions that all is not quite what it seems.

So what should you do in this instance?

Well first, you must find out if you have suspicions.

Not only is it much more complicated if the boyfriend secretly has a wife and kids, but more often than not they will come first and you will get dumped like a sack of hot potatoes when something smelly hits the fan, as it is almost certain to do (not to mention the fact of unfaithfulness or infidelity).

So, you must ensure that you have his mobile phone number and hot just his work number, and push as hard as you can for the home number - if he won't give it, then consider what's going on.

The surefire way is simply to ask to see him at home soon and go around there. If he won't let you go there, then again something could be up (unless he lives in a rubbish tip or with annoying mates or similar).

Another simple method is to meet up with some of his friends on a night out and casually ask them the situation and about his relationships, with a few drinks down their throats the truth will usually suddenly come out!

By: Stephanie

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