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How To Find The Best Marketing Pitch

Business : Marketing

Sometimes there is no substitute for trying different approaches and seeing what works best.

Therefore you may decide it is worth creating a few variants of advertising.

Then get a few people in some who know the product some who have never heard of it, but all from your target market and get them to critique and choose which is the best.

It may cost a few hundred pounds in fees but it is more than worth it if for instance 75% find one of the variants by far the most effective - then you should easily get that money back and more when you launch your campaign.

Just remember that you must get people in from your target market as they are the sort of people you want to appeal to; if you get feedback from people that you are not trying to target then it is in fact irrelevant since they were not going to buy the product anyway and may respond to different triggers and a different tone of voice to your target market.

By: Job Expert

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