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Fix Hair Problems With Food

Beauty : Haircare

Make a banana hair mask in order to add more moisture to it and reduce the damage from dryness.

Use fenugreek seeds to condition your hair.

You can even wash your hair with salad dressing to give it an extra glossy shine.

Beer with chamomile is also a great conditioner. Or you could try using avocados.

Frizzy and damaged hair can be remedied using olive oil.

Use lemon, lime and coconut to make a hair bar to help add shine and restore nutrients. You can use lemon and parsley instead.

Lighten your hair using rhubarb and chamomile or a rosemary rinse. Lemon juice also helps to add natural highlights as does tea.

You can darken your hair with walnuts and eliminate any greys with sage or rosemary.

Milk and eggs help to smooth your hair.

Hair spray can be made from lemons and orange to give it a nice fruity fresh scent.

Coconut milk and lime will also help to straighten your hair.

Baking soda will soak up any grease and oil when sprinkled on the scalp.

By: Danielle

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