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Garden Tips


Try not to put down slug pellets whenever you can, as they seem to avoid them anyway. If they do eat them, the birds who eat the slugs can get poisoned. Encourage hedgehogs as they get rid of the slugs.

Dont replant the lawn if its gone a bit patchy here and there. Try to clear away fallen leaves and reduce the amount of shady areas so it gets enough water and sunlight, especially in winter.

Put up a trellis to add a nice colour to your walls. It will need a couple of inches space behind the frame in order to let the plants grow around it from either sides.

Avoid buying bedding plants when they are too small, for example at the beginning of the season. If bought later on their roots will be more developed, and are often cheaper too.

A little bit of mulch is fine, but try not to lay down too much otherwise the base of your plants will no longer be protected by soil so they wont get the vitamins they need from the ground.

By: Danielle

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