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How To Get A Job

Jobs : Job Search

Are you looking for a job? If you are, then there are traditionally several places in which to look for them: the job centre, from your current company, or to be told of imminent vacancies from friends and families in suitable areas. You may use a recruitment agency, or you may look in the newspaper and magazine ads to see if there is anything out there that suits you.

But what about online? If you don't use the internet much, or even if you do, it may surprise you that there is a lot to be said for looking for jobs online. Indeed, 57% of recruiters use the internet to advertise their jobs... 57%: that is over half of all recruiters using the internet, and the figure can surely only be set to increase over the next few years. Therefore it is an area that you really shouldn't miss out on.

Indeed, there will be vacancies available online that you just simply would not find out about elsewhere - and hence you would be limiting what was available to you if you did not look online.

And there is more to it than just variety - there is also the fact that if you look online then you can often perform powerful searches, from simply the job that you are looking to do, to adding search criteria such as area of the country, salary, job description, and hence find out what is ideal for you. So, if you want a job in journalism earning at least 40grand in the London area, then you can often input these sorts of details, and all relevant jobs will come up. Not only does this search a lot of time looking and searching, the contact details or relevant information required to apply for those jobs will come up, and then all you have to do is worry about getting that job! Simple!

But where do you look on the internet? Well, there are many many sites that will offer you the capability of looking for jobs online. You could try some sites like the following:





or try fish4jobs also in the UK. Or you could even do a search with a general search engine for job sites, or recruitment and see what comes up. If you already know the company that you are thinking of applying to, then it can often be beneficial to go to the website, as most company websites have a recruitment section. There may be information on the most recent jobs, and also information about what sorts of things they are looking for in their applicant, and perhaps examples of tests that you may have to sit. It will also look good at interview if you can mention that your research includes a look at the website - it shows that you are keen and also up to date with current technology, both of which can only be good things.

Therefore the internet really is a great source of information about companies and jobs, and we suggest that you do not neglect it as a source next time that you are looking for jobs, or indeed relatives either.

By: Dan on Wed, Jun 12th 2002

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