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How To Work With A Recruitment Agency

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Notice the title, work 'with' a recruitment agency!

The truth is, that you can't expect a one way street with a recruitment agency. They will do some work on your behalf, but won't get you the job - that's up to you.

From a job agency you should expect them to:
- put your CV forward to many suitable roles for you

- get you several interviews

- keep in good touch and contact with you and offer you some support where needed

You should not expect them to give you a gold, gilt-edged opportunity - that is up to you! Remember they get you the interview, you have to convert.

If the job is clearly not relevant to you, then consider giving them more information or changing recruitment agency.

A good partnership works well - you need them to get you interviews and they need you, a good quality candidate, to maintain their reputation and of course to get them their all important commission.

By: Job Expert

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