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How To Get A Promotion With Ease

Career : Career Development

Follow these simple steps:

- Have a clear goal in your mind that you want to get promoted. This will keep you focussed

Create a niche for yourself, some skill that perhaps only you have to make yourself invaluable

- Don't ask for a pay hike straight off!

- Follow a disciplined plan to achieve your aim, and do something each day to help the company

- Keep your plans to yourself as in UK people resent success especially! Also, always do any tasks you are asked by your immediate management quickly - ideally within a 24 hour turnaround

- Try to do all your simple tasks each day - don't leave that email which needs a 5 minute reply to tomorrow when to day will do

- Always be keen and enthusiastic

Stay focussed on the above, and promotion will come your way. That's because most people start to drift once they hit the comfort zone in their job. By being a high, and focussed performer, you can ensure that you stay ahead of the rest, rise quickly, and ultimately earn more to afford yourself a more comfortable lifestyle.

By: Pete Nye on Sat, Sep 6th 2003

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