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How To Get Cheap Domain Names

Computing : Internet

Thinking of buying a domain name for your business? Seen an advert in the paper? Well whatever you do... shop around first! The price range that is on offer is astonishing, and many people are paying way over the odds.

You should take some time to search for domain name registrars on the internet first and check the prices of 5 or so: that way you are guaranteed the best price. You can get most domain names quite cheaply these days if you shop around a bit.

By: Thomas Powell on Sun, Jun 16th 2002

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I completely agree! I was amazed how cheaply you can get domains - the registrars really try and rip you off at times; you can be charged a £100 to register a domain that costs just a few pounds.

The best that I have found so far is a company called one&one - One & One you can register a domain for a year for just 1.99, which is pretty good going I think (ps - no i don't work for them, just happen to think that they offer a great deal!).

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