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How To Get Clear Skin Cheaply

Beauty : Skincare

Green tea is brilliant for clear skin!

By: Sarah Chow on Mon, Aug 30th 2004

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Really? tea i will have to try this, although it might make me fatter? xxxx will it really help... wb amy xxx.

I will definately have to try this thanks shellyxxxx


Green Tea is also great for loosing weight, relaxing, and is a great antioxidant. It also has much less caffiene than normal tea so you don't have to worry about drinking too much and becoming jittery.

It's great stuff that has been around for 1000's of years.

Wow thats different lol i must try that thanks for the tip

Hello, Well there has been a proven way of getting good skin and that is to consume a reasonable amount of calcium aday! like eating yougurts cheese and drinking milk! To find out more go onto >>> www.naturallybeautiful.co.uk i am in the process of tryin this method out, so far so good and i have been drinkin plenty of water as this is meant to help to! Good Luck xXx

What do you mean, Pg tips, Red Label? do you have to soak the tea bag and rub it in your face? Or do you have to get tea leaves?

Dosen't tea stain your teeth?

Heyuh im 14 and my forehead is a bit oily and i have a spot then i think its gone but then other load of them come out all over m t-zone ii really just wont clear skin :( xx

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