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Helping Sufferers Of Spots

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Hey, i myself suffer from spots and have for many years and i know how much of a pain they can be i get so self concience and get up an hour erlier evrey morning just to try and cover them up and i have found that no amount of remsies or cream has cleared them up but the one thing that i ave seen an improemnt on is WATER. and i know you always hear that water will clear them up and you never belive it but seriosuly i drink 8 bottles of water a day or the equvilant of two big roange sqush bottles full of water. even just after one day you can see the improvemnt. i mylsef wear alot of makeup and have a side fringe which i use to cover up my spots not i know thats not good for them but its not totally bad for them as long as when you get home you take your makeup off and clip your hair back your fine.i know how fustrating they are sometimes if ive got a really bad one i wont vene go to school. people say you shouldnt care hwat other people think but of course you do. and just rememebr if you have one really bad one dont worry bout it because if you normally have spots people wont look at you any differently because theyre used to you having them so they wont notice. i so hope i have helped and i love al you guys out there who are struggling and it will get better trust me. :-)

By: Serena

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Hi, im 13, whenever i get a zit its always on the side of my nose, and enormous, and RED. before the zit forms a red spot comes. i normaly try fighting it down with tea tee oil but it doesn't work for me anymore :( i also tried sudocreme, but that doesn't work for me either. i am now depressed, and upset, my skin has alot of marks on it from spots. i dont have acne, just zits. right now i have a HUGE spot on my nose, it hurts, i try not to touch it and if it itches i just rub it gently with a clean tisue. i have tried colgate but it isnt going away. i want it to go within 8 hours, i have to miss a wedding because i look disgusting. please help me, i have been crying for 6 hours.

Try citric acid.it is very good and ice works well this is what you should do every night:
. drink water ,
. put citric acid mixed with cream ,
. add toothpast ,
. put ice on the infectid arer for 10 mins ,
. reput the acid and cream on.

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