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How To Get On With Your Partners Family

Relationships : Marriage

Some people just naturally find that they get on just well with their in-laws, the family of their betrothed, whilst for others it can be a real struggle.

Sometimes the problem is on one side or the other, at other times it's mutual.

So looking at those one by one:

If you have the problem with them, then this is the easiest to fix. Ask yourself what it is that's so bad with them. Unless there is something really juicy then recognise that these are your in-laws and the people that brought up your partner and therefore how important they are in their life. Respect this by showing them respect and burying any hatchet.

If the problem is mutual or something they have against you then rather than second guess the problem, ask your partner what it is that they have as a grievance. If you married their daughter it could just be the little princess syndrome where no-one is good enough for their precious little daughter.

If that's the case then you just need to extend the same courtesy and politeness as you would to anyone else and hopefully you should soon win them around.

If there is something that is really hard to overcome there then the simplest approach is to exercise distance and ensure that you don't see them too often, and that way any animosity should not spill over and cause tension in your main relationship.

By: Stephanie

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