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If You Love Dogs Mr Right Is A Dog Lover

Relationships : Finding The Right Man For You

Lots of people have pets at the front and centre of their lives.

If this applies to you, then you are probably going to want a pet lover too. And dog lovers tend to be some of the most loyal people to be around, so if you love dogs then it can be a good idea to meet someone else who loves dogs too.

Having this common interest can be really rewarding and actually make for a good relationship, and looking after dogs together can be a good thing to do and make you think with realism about children who are much more demanding and costly again!

The best place to meet other dog walkers then is simply to go around your local park where most of the doggy people go too. You are sure to bump into people around and about and if a dishy man walks by with his dog, then have a quick conversation.

Having dogs is a natural lead into conversation and you can comment on the breed of dog etc and just generally have a chat before moving onto other matters.

By: Stephanie

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