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How To Get Rid Of A Spot Quickly

Beauty : Skincare

If you get a really big spot come up before a big date just cover it in toothpaste a few hours before, this will then dry it out and it'll look much better. Just remember to take the toothpaste off before going out!!

By: Amy Giltrow on Mon, Aug 30th 2004

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The toothpaste must be mint, beause it's the peppermint oil in it that dries up the spot, so you can also by peppermint oil and dab a small amount of that on..

Spots r the most horrible thing eva wen i get 1 that is like a hidden spot the ones u get under the skin which r red n sore which u cant pop because they dont have a head. well the trick i do is keep puttin tcp or tee tree spot stick on them until they dry and n they do get a white head n then i get sum tweesers n kind of pull it off this is a better way than poppin because it is less painful and does not leave a mark. once i have done that wiv the tweesers the puss is usuall at the top so then u can squeeze it gently remebering not 2 press it 2 hard or it will becme bigger if i can see or no there is still puss in there i get a needle n put tcp on the end n jus slightly put it thru the hole where the puss has come ut of then if sum puss is there i gently squeeze again but not hard atall the i put t-zone tee tree roler stick on 2 dry it up then i put neutrogena visibly clear (which reducess redness and spot size) it wont go staright away but it will quicken it up n make it look better trust me it works 4 me. it sounds long and confusing and weird but once you have tried it is a good 1 2 rememba!.

I use tea tree spot sticks but i found they have started not to be that effective, so do not over use them.

Use apricot scrub every day with a very small amount or just keep your face very clean wash with hot water every day and every nite and make sure you close your pores after with cold water.

Drinking loads of water is the best and do not eat too much chocolate and crisps and chips, but eat a lot of fruit.

Please will some1 help me get rid of my spots. please! anything, ive got big horrible red spots and i cnt stand them ive tyed evrything but nnothing works

I do not agree with the toothpaste method it just dries up the spot, hardens the surface and blocks the badness inside!!!!

Everi1 always ses toothpaste like totaly dont wrk well i find it does real well i spose it like ur skintype!! an Sudocreme is like a life saver

Well , all this about the toothpaste my friend she reccomended em to use toothpaste she said that she had done it and it worked! but i tried it and all it does is make your skin rough, and if anything it makes you have more spots. But she said it makes them smaller and you apply it agen then wash it off and then they go. But thats just a rumour i would reccomend for just to use skin wipes they are only £1 odd from the shops and its helped me alot!

Hey, I hate drinking tap water. Does it matter if you drink bottled water for your spots? Or will that just be the same as drinking any other drink? I've never really had many spots but I've just recently had a breakout and its making me feel awful. I've eaten way too much chocolate lately which I don't think has helped. My boyfriend used the drug Roaccutane and if anyone gets subscribed to it, deffinatly go on it. It worked so awesome for him. His skin is like so gorgeous now!


Here is a great tip. Use diaper rash ointment. Will get the red out practically over night. Also heals it fast. Used it for years. Now every now and then. The older ya get, the problem lessens.

Good luck.

Claire - drinking bottled water is just as good for you as drinking tap water and still helps to get rid of spots.

They say that water helps get rid of spots and makes your skin clearer, but does it count if you have squash? because you add water to it, so would this still help clear spot? help!? xXx

TCP does not work it stings and stinks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi, the best way to get rid of spots i have found is to wash your face twice a day, drink about 2 liters of water a day and finally get yourself down to your local chinese medicen shop. I was given something called 'Acne getaway 101E' and since i have not had a bad break out. As soon as a spot starts forming this wash just completly destroys it!! I was someone who used to really worry about spots but now i don't have to. Please try this it has completly changed my skin it has been months since i've had to worry about spots.

I'm 13 and I have been getting spots since I was 10 or so. My Mum says I could be time for my first 'time of the month'. Although, it has been going on for AGES. I have read through almost every posting on here and I really can't decided what to do. The Tea Tree Oil has popped up most I think I'll probably try that. If you have any more advice for someone my age PLEASE let me know. Email me at: hltoire@aol.com


This article will change you life!
If your spotty.

No offence guys but this debate is too long and the answers are all the same-ish.

So this is a summary.

Everyone gets afew spots- take some time to look and you'll notice that people who you thought had clear skin really don't, so don't worry about it!

To start with, for all spot treatments to work you need to be clean! Everyone should wash their face daily even if its dry or normal. You shouldn't touch your face as this causes spots. You should drink water regularly and have a balanced diet- read on even if you don't though!

If you don't think anything works you haven't experimented enough! Here are the ones you should try first-
- get a face cloth, run the tap until the water is really hot and cover your face in this water with the flannel. Lather with any soap you want- doesn't matter what it is this is just to clean your pores. Clean the flannel with cold water then wash your soapy skin with the coldest possible water. Dry your face and don't touch it!

try that for a week and you should see that your skin is clearing up nicely.

If this isn't working you should trick your skin. Drying your skin out will never work in the longterm which is why toothpaste is a bad idea! If it's too dry the glands produce more and more oil- meaning you'll ge more spots!
-so add oil. you can choose from baby oil to vegetable oil- anything at all that will add oil! rub a thin layer of it on your face- like you would a face mask and leave for five minuites. Wash off with hot water and then with cold and dry skin. works a treat. do this once a fortnight for spotty skin and once a week for very very very bad acne. NO MORE!

This will work- i am sure- for all types of spot prone skin! Reply and let me know though!

good luck

HELP ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ive got a spot and ive also got a date this weekend how can i get rid of this spot quickly please please help me somebody reply to me please Jo xxx

I use neutrogena visibly clear cream it really works

I think the best way to get rid of A SPOT quickly is to dry it out: wash skin as it say above with hot water, wash with soap, then rinse with cold water. Pat face dry with a towel then add a bit of mint toothpaste directly to the lovely spot! leave for no longer than 5 mins and u should feel stinging a bit in the spot, rinse then dont touch.
However this is for a starting-school-the-next-day emergency so only use it as an emergency. In the long run wash your face in that way every morning and night, drink a lot of water and keep your face clean !!! Hope it helped xxxx
ps i did it 30 mins ago and already it has helped!!

Sa here.... a saw some1 above say somtin bout usin simple products......... well lately i went 2 my beautician and i was talkin bout simple to her and she said the recently it has come to light that simple isn't all that good 4 ur skin.... i can't remember the exact reasons y bt she told me to try other product 4 a couple of weeks and i did and my skin improved big time!!!! i didnt believe her wen she first said this because i was a dedicated user of the simple range of products.... bt she was right

Drink lots of water and have a fruit smootie about everyday

Hii I Have Spots And I Want To Gt Rid Of Them And I Am oin On HOLIDAY in 10 Dasy How Can I Get
rid Of Them Really Quick And i Hve Got Most Of The Clean N Clear products The Wash But I Want Tehm Gone Like I Said And I Am 14 And I Am In Year Nine I Hve Had Them Since Year 5.

Reply Quick



Hey If I Wash Ma Face With Hot Water And Than Cold Water Than i Leave It Than I Put A Dab Of Germolene On It Than Put A Plaste On It Wil That Work Please Help Me


Hii evryonee,,
ive been reading all these comments and tbh evryone gets spots right ?
i dint no what to do and i had school next day && ii wor woried so my mum bought me some calamile lotion ,i tried it and tbh i dint think it would of worked but i kept putting it on and it disserpeard in like 3 hours , your probably thinking or am not gunah find some calamile lotion in 1 hour , so ide recomment tooth paste but only for about 15 mins and rince off with warm water then cold and if this doesnt work HONEY !! belive me ide try it !
Hope this Works For Evryone x
LoveYouu x

I have tried everything aswell,
when i frst came on this website, is tarted drinking water, eating healthier and washing more regulary, my skin got so much better. and about a month on since then, my skin has worsened even more than before,
i've lost all my confidence, and i don't even want to go out becaus ei feel so ugly, i'm dreading school.
any ideas?

i have really bad spots/scars on my chin n cheeks and im getting married on the 4th may so i want to know how do i get rid of the pests lol plz
somone help

Personally whenever i eat Bourbon biscuits i pop up about 4 new spots within a couple of hours...

Heyy every1
ive always had spots which appear just on my chin sometimes there hardly noticable but i have 3 massive 1s atm can any1 help me

Use tcp yeshh it does work and so what if it stings n stinks it works so ignore that other comment there just a baby ohh it hurtss well u have to face ittt i hve beeen using it 4 two dayss and there going downn !!!

I found that not drinking fruit juice at all helps alot.. it clears the spots up more or less. also sudocream works well =]

Been reading all the comments but still need help.

I get them red hurting ones under the skin too ahhh! I dont have really bad skin i just get them on my chin. I got bullied for years for it, even tho everyone else had them to. I use neutrogena treatment thing at the mo its sorta working..

But what i really wanna no is how to get rid of like the hard little spots.. if you know what i mean? i got them on my forehead and therefore refuse to wear my hair in any other way than fringe down! and now have a few on my chin :S i never used to have them? help needed asap! they wont go awayyyy Grrrrr !

Cheerss xo

Hey everyone i know exactly what you feel - because i USED to suffer like this but im dying to tell you all about my lifesaver - its a cream called Quinoderm! Its absoloutly amazing. I had really bad breakouts and believe me i have tried all the brands - freederm, clearosel - none worked but my mum said this worked for her when she was younger! You can get it from Boots, just ask for it at the counter.

Other tips i have for keeping clear skin is using a good facial scrub - any should do,
drinking loads of water and not fizzy drinks! -
and also a cleanser call Tea Tree, which is really good at getting some serious dirt out of your pores!

Anyhow ladies if you want a solution to your trouble by quinoderm from Boots its amazing and cheap! i cant remeber the exct cost but its under £10 - hope it helps you all! xxx

Having had experience with spots, I know they can take time to disappear completely, try using Oxy 5 or 10. It cleared up mine perfectly! :)

**********************************************************************Hi wash your face twice a day drink lots of water keep your hands off your face and that's a start! And keep steaming your face using a spot cream for your skin and watch videos on YouTube for help and advice bubbii luv zara x

' i have tried toothpaste for about a week now, and i have a big dance audition coming up, toothpaste just isnt working! i only have one red spot on my chin, any ideas apart from drinking loads of water and eating healthy because i already do? advice pleasee!

I don't have any serious acne but when I get a spot its big, bad, and red. I was told to use aftershave and just put a little bit onto the spot.(I put this on in the morning) I left it on there for an hour and it wasnt noticeable any more. The next day it was completely gone. I have tried it again but I don't think it will work twice. You don't need any specific aftershave just any will do, I used tescos own.

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