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How To Get Rid Of Spiders And Bugs

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The best way to do this is to obviously keep your house clean at all times. Hoovering will always get rid of a lot of bugs as there wont be so much dust around and things to hide in. Avoid leaving food or crumbs lying around aswell.

Check all doors and windows are completely sealed. Get rid of any cobwebs with a feather duster.

Never leave a window open at night with the light on, as this will just attract moths and flies.

If you need to, then use repellent sprays which you can buy from any home store like Robert Dyas etc.

Spiders eat insects so if you get rid of all the bugs and flies, the spiders will also disappear with them.

Do regular checks of your ceilings and go round removing any bugs. Always empty hoovers and bin bags on a regular basis, and move objects around to avoid dust and insects settling on them. Pets can also bring in stuff from outside so groom and wash them on a regular basis.

By: Danielle

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