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Useful Cleaning Tips

A Quick House Clean
Get organised when planning a quick house clean. Maybe you have guests coming round and dont have much time to tidy up. Decide on what times you will do...

Control Your Living Room Clutter
Buy a box chest which are perfect to go in bay window areas and can be used to sit on as well. Add colourful cushions on top and hide away all your clutter...

Floor Cleaning Tips
Buy an acid free cleaner if you have wood or laminated flooring, otherwise you may stain it or wear away the shine. Make sure you clean in the corners and...

Household Items That Should Be Replaced Often
There are some household items which should be replaced on a regular basis. Your toothbrush should be replaced when it is worn out, otherwise it will not...

How To Avoid Peg Marks On Clothes
Use tights

How To Care For Net Curtains
Dissolve some sugar!

How To Clean A Child
Talc will do the trick...

How To Clean A Port Decanter
For those of you who enjoy the finer things in life then you might just have a little tipple every now of then of something like port. And if you do then...

How To Clean A Vase
Get out the biological washing powder!

How To Clean Any Surface
Clean that surface...

How To Clean Cup Ring Marks
It sounds nuts to me...

How To Clean Drains
Use vinegar and save some money...

How To Clean Glasses
An effective tip

How To Clean Jewellery
Use cider vinegar!

How To Clean Off Candle Wax
Plain white paper will help

How To Clean Old Coins
All about cleaning coins...

How To Clean Out Your Wardrobe
Unappealling, but very necessary, here's how...

How To Clean Pet Hair Off Of Furniture
This is not only a time consuming task, but we never seem to get it all off. We can try vacuum cleaners, lint rollers, scrubbies and all of the newest products...

How To Clean Silverware
Washing soda can help it shine

How To Clean Stainless Steel
Here's another great readers tip and it concerns the practice of cleaning stainless steel. Now this has got to be one of those products that, to be honest,...

How To Clean The Tumble Dryer
Cleaning the tumble dryer...

How To Clean Toys
To clean your toys...

How To Clean Up At A Restaurant
Clean up in the literal manner...

How To Clean Windows Well

How To Clean Windows Without Smears
Vinegar is more than acid

How To Clean With Baby Wipes
Many many uses...

How To Clean Wood
Wood is cleaned with this mixture...

How To Clean Your DVD Player
Firstly, take out any discs from your DVD player. If you dont, then these may get jammed. Unplug it from the mains aswell as your television set, and remove it...

How To Clean Your Hands For Free
Hand cleaning - something that we all need to do and are increasingly aware of. The trouble is that many hand cleaning lotions and potions out there seem to...

How To Clean Your Monitor
How to get that streak free look!

How To Clean Your Room
An amusing set of advice

How To Clean Yourself
A nice, calming bath can help you...

How To Ensure Clean Ties, Trousers
Some useful tips, including how to use tea bags!

How To Freshen Microwave Ovens
if you have cooked fish in your microwave,to remove smell and clean. put a small amount of bicarbinate of soda,in a dish with some water and micrwave on...

How To Get An Adhesive Label Off Glass
Tips on removing sticky labels

How To Get Fluff Off Clothes
Sellotape is useful for many things

How To Get Grease Off Your Hands
Sometimes no matter what you do it can be impossible to get rid of grease. It sticks to the soap or doesn't come off afterwards, and then there is that...

How To Get Ink Stains Out Of Fabric
Alcohol or hairspray...

How To Get Muddy Stains Out Of White Fabric

How To Get Permanent Marker Off Items
For those of us who have ever had to use a permanent marker we can be so paranoid about not touching clothes that we accidentally do, and from time to time...

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