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How To Get The Courage To Ask Someone Out

Relationships : Teenagers

Getting the courage to ask someone out particularly if you really like them or are a shy or nervous person who lacks confidence can be quite a tricky thing.

Sometimes imagining what if scenarios can fire you up into action.

Remember that the object of your affections is not likely to stay single forever particularly in the world of teenage dating and frequent swaps of relationships.

Therefore imagine how you would feel if someone else got in there first and asked this person out, even worse if they liked you too but hadn't done anything about it!

Such a horrible thing to think about as that with someone you really like will hopefully be enough to spur you into action and ask the question before someone else does.

And remember if they say no to think so what - laugh it off and move on - don't pine over them or take a knock in confidence, not everyone in the world is each others type!

By: Stephanie

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Thats great and it really helped but what if they are going out with someone else or has had a bad break up and says no but really wants to go out with you, how do you handle that?

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