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Getting Rid Of Zits And Acne

Beauty : Skincare

Well I don't have a serious acne issue but I do get spots quite a lot and I know that they're really annoying! So this is what I do to get rid of them: DO NOT touch them! Your fingers are dirty and just makes your spots worse! Drink LOTS of water, I know it sounds silly but it really does work. Use a good moisturising face wash EVERY morning and EVERY night, and never keep buying the same face wash because your skin will get use to it so just get a different one each time. And always keep your hair clean, especially if you have a fringe. DON'T wear make up if you do not need to, so if you're just at home or at school don't wear any. Wash your make up off EVERY night and if it gets really bad go see a doctor. It is completely worth it to buy something expensive if it works. Good luck and you're beautiful anyway :)

By: Hannah

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I've never had a spot or blemish, your probably thinking 'then why are you replying?!' My aunty is a dermatologist.. and I thought I'd do research and help out;D I'm 16 and haven't had a blemish yet! And I have some tips for you!

97% of people buy cream that costs about £4.00 and you only give it a week and give up on it, Spots wont clear overnight sorry to burst your bubble but they wont!

Drink plenty of water- 2 litres per day
DON'T PICK- Don't pick scratch or rub,you'll get scars and make it worse!
People say put nail polish remover on the spot, DON'T do this, it makes it bigger and it's like pouring lemon juice on a cut you wouldn't? And do the 'wash routine' Wipe you face,Wash it& moisturise - all need to be fragrance free, and one in a while, hold and ice cube on your spot and the redness will go down..

And last of all if your just splashing your face for one reason or another; Use boiling water first and then freezing water it opens your pores and cleans them out and closes then to keep the mud out!

Hope this helped; :)

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