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How To Give A Great Presentation

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What you need to do is employ some techniques from sports psychology - namely, that of visualisation.

Before you give the presentation, close your eyes, and imagine seeing yourself on stage giving that presentation and everything going well. Imagine as many details as you can - people smiling, asking you questions and you answering well, getting a great round of applause at the end of the speech. Imagine yourself feeling completely comfortable and speaking clearly and slowly.

Do this for a few days before the speech and you'll find that it really helps.

Another technique you could try is to imagine that your presentation is filmed, and then you go to a cinema and watch it being played back. Admire how good your performance is and how everything is impressed.

By using these visualisation exercises in all areas of your life where you have important goals you are striving to achieve, you will find that they really help you succeed!

By: Pete Edwards on Fri, Sep 12th 2003

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How to remember to do something. This is the same idea of visualisation. If you need to remember to feed the neighbour's cat when you get home, sit, with your eyes closed and picture getting home. See yourself walking down the road and getting to your house. Then, with the image of you house or agte or garden, whatever it is you see, in your mind, then picture going nextdoor and feeding the cat. Do this 3 times (It will only take you 3 minutes)and you will be sure to remember.

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