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Good Leadership: Be Decisive

Career : Leadership

One of the personality types that finds it hardest to lead is the one that is indecisive. If you are extremely bright it can actually be a hindrance to lead.

The reason is that you weigh up too much in your mind, take too many factors into account, and get paralysis by analysis.

It is ironic but true - look at many leaders across companies - that being a do-er or an actioner is often what rises to the top rather than being an intellectual thinker, so don't let that stand in your way.

You need to think through the courses of action of course, but once you have done that you need to make a decision.

In many cases the course of action that is best is not obviously clear and there are shades of grey. That's what being a leader is about and why you get paid more - you do have to make tough calls from time to time.

Back your decision and justify it and stick with it, there is nothing worse than backing down a few days later unless you have genuinely made a large mistake of judgement. Think through courses of action and don't rush in, but once the process is done, make your call and move on with it.

By: Job Expert

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