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Great Leadership Tips: Set An Example

Career : Leadership

The bottom line of leadership is this: we are more likely to work well for someone that we like and respect.

Sure the authority figure of old is still around in some places but if the boss is too much like that these days then people may just leave and move company.

Therefore the element of friendship and respect is there at the fore in most good boss / worker relationships these days.

So you should ensure that you get on well with people and that they respect you. To do this you should remember that you are no better than them, just in a different job that has them working for you.

Set a good example by showing good behaviours in the work place - you can't expect others not to swear for instance if you curse heavily yourself.

From time to time make the teas and coffees to show this to the others and that you don't feel that you are above them - by showing willing at all times you help build respect from others and they feel no resentment from time to time when they need to do more menial jobs.

By: Fred

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