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Grow Cress At Home

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Cress can be a tasty salad, it has lots of Vitamin C, and you can easily grow it inside the home in a paper towel! Many children do this science experiment at school, and you
may even remember doing it when you were younger. It is easy to do, and fun too, you can even do this as an activity with children.

You will need the following:
Paper towels
Cress seeds
Spray Mister
A seed tray or similar.

Wet about three paper towels, and squeeze out the excess water.
Lay the damp paper towels down flat in a container (seed tray/dish)
Sprinkle the cress seeds over the paper towels.
Place the tray onto a windowsill.
Every day spray the seeds lightly with water.
In around two-three days the seeds will start to sprout.
Cut of the cress after about a fortnight and they should be ready, and a healthy green colour by then.
You can eat these as they are.
Maybe in salad or sandwiches.
They should regrow every fortnight.
Don't forget to spray them!

Cress goes great with egg and you can make egg and cress sandwiches.

Below is how to make this yummy and healthy recipe!

You will need:

Just boil some eggs.
Let them go cold.
Peel off the shell.
Mix in a bowl with a tiny bit of mayonnaise, and add in the cress.
Mix into a mixture, and add to sandwiches, pitta bread or you can even have it with jacket potato, or just as a salad.


By: Jade

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