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Guide To Slogan Writing - II

Hobbies : Competitions

Part two if our masterclass in winning competitions and how to write great slogans is to look at some more techniques that you can use to win.

One good method is to use what are known as homonyms. These are words that sound the same, but have different meanings.

The twist then is that it reads out differently to how it looks (and what it means) on paper.

By making the second meaning funny but really meaning the first, that is a great way to write a catchy slogan. In other words for a Christmas competition about apologies you might write 'Yule be sorry'. You get the idea.

Another well known method is to adapt an existing title of a film or movie in a humorous way to highlight the new product or write a relevant slogan to the lines on which you are supposed to write. For instance a slogan for a pooper scooper might say:
"for close encounters of the turd kind"

By: Fred

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