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How To Have A Home Facial

Beauty : Skincare

You don't need to own a facial steamer to have an effective home facial. Facials are good for your skin because they improve the appearance of it and also are soothing and relaxing. The first step is to take a warm, wet towel and lay it over your face for a few minutes - just lie back and relax. A quick way of warming the towel is to wet it then place it in the microwave until it is a nice temperature.

Home Steaming

Then remove the towel and go about fixing your home steaming treatment. This can be done by boiling some water in a pot with herbs or essential oil in it. Peppermint and lavender oils can help oily skin for example, but there are a whole range of different kinds to help different skin conditions so you have to experiment to find out what is best for your skin.

When the water has boiled, remove it from the heat, place the towel over your head and hold your face over the steam - you will feel your pores opening. Do this for 5 or 10 minutes, but if you feel uncomfortable then stop at any time.

Home Face Masks

After the steam treatment, gently pat your face dry and apply a face mask. While this is left on you can lie down and relax again. You might want to try sliced cucumber over your eyes to get rid of any puffiness and to add to the relaxation. When you have had the mask on for the given time, carefully rinse it off, pat your face dry and add your usual moisturiser and toner if you use one.

By: Bev Woolfson on Sun, Apr 28th 2002

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At the end would it help to put frozen food on your acne to help close the pore like you would for Removing Blemishes??

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does this work for black heads on the nose aswell? if not what else is good fo...
- Fri, Aug 15th 2003

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