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How To Help Teething Babies


Doc says to give teething babies a cold wash cloth to chomp on. Chilled would provide even more relief.

If your baby is really uncomfortable. Call your doc and ask about an over the counter pain reliever

Give him and ice cold teething ring. Attach it to his clothing.

Wipe up any drooling from teething. It will cause a rash, on the neck, or upper chest. Even the face. If drooling a lot put a coat of vaseline around the mouth and chin.

Don't shop when your child is tired, or hungry. Your asking for those dreadful tantrums.

If you know about the times of the day, when they start getting cranky. Just start tickling them, or act a little silly, Just distract them from starting a tantrum. This often works.

You need a break from a tantrum child. Just tell him you're too upset to talk now. We will talk later. Don't give into any demands.

When children are out of control it scares them to. The outrage their experiencing. This is the time to express your love and concern. Tell your child everytihing is going to be o.k. soon.

A child that is temperamentally a hot head is going to be harder to deal with. But keep your cool. You'll succeed.

Let them know when they do something. You are not happy with it. Makes mama very sad. This is what you should have done. Then mama would have been very haopy.

Teach your children their address, and phone number. Do it to the tune of a nursery rhyme. Will pay closer attention.

Keep your children's cholesterol, under control. Serve them chili, baked beans, fruits in muffins, whole grain wheat and rice. Even lentils.

Cut up small pieces of vegies. Hide them in sauce, pancakes, or waffles. Even those finaky kids can be tempted, if food looks interesting.

Serve them turkey and chicken without the skins. Fish is also a low fat protein.

A peanut butter sandwich is good.

You set a good example to. If you eat all the fat food, that isn't a good example, for your kids to follow. Children copy parents.

Don't go nuts and cut out all fat either. Your children could rebell, and go get it elsewhere. Easy does it. Just cut down.

You also need to check the listings for school lunches. Usually in the paper. The day the menu doesn't sound right to you, pack their lunch.

Don't get your kids interested in an electronic baby sitter all the time. When your busy give them some drawing material, or some cheap instrument to play in their room.
Or if they like books they can read. The object is to have them entertain themselves with something, other than t.v.

Don't just read to your kids. Show them the pictures to.

Make up stories, you don't even need a book.

Designate a weekend day with no t.v. Mom and dad have got to occupy themselves with something else to.

Let your child read to you.

Tell him to make up a story to tell the whole family.

Make one night a week a special child's night.

Let your child plan the supper menu, one night a week.

When you go out to eat, order theirs first. Then you can enjoy yours.

If you order spaghetti, put something red on them. No stains will show.

If a young child gets cut. Get out a red wash cloth. Any other color will scare the child, from the sight of blood.

By: Bev

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