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How Not To View Networking

Career : Business Networking

Do not view networking as people who are there purely and solely to help you. Rather, view networking as a two way street.

The you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours mentality definitely applies strongly to networking.

It is true that the more effort you put into networking and your network, the more joy that you will get in return.

Note that if you treat others just as a resource to use and give nothing in return then you might get initial help and support, but they will soon detach you from your network.

Best way: view it like a live tree, you need to keep on growing and tending to the tree that is your network to stop it withering and to keep it strong.

Ensure that you give enough attention to key elements.

If your network grows too large, then prune it back to the essential members - just like an actual plant it can grow too big and unwieldy and if that happens then it can cause more problems than it solves.

By: Job Expert

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