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How To Kill Weeds In The Garden

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Kill weeds in your lawn - without getting rid of the grass at the same time (sound horribly familiar?) Many people get a bit over zealous and trigger happy with the pesticides, killing off everything within a mile radius of offending weeds. Not good is it? No!

Solution: apply a mere teaspoonful of salt individually to a weed such as dandelion can kill it. If not, increase the dosage and as a last resort you may have to use other methods such as pesticides. But in general this can be avoided.

By: Terrence Johnson on Sun, Jun 16th 2002

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I am trying to find some type of weed killer to put over the whole lawn to rid existing weeds..but keep the grass. Also what works best to kill potato vines, not the ones your grow in the garden. If I used salt, it would kill the grass and other leafy vegetation for the lizards in the area correct? .

I found a gadget that is made by Black & Decker and retails at 29.99, that enables you to lift weeds with very little effort. It resembles a stick with a 8-inch lever at right-angles to the main shaft, at the bottom. There are 4 pointed blades at the bottom of the shaft, which you jab into the ground (lawn or wherever), around the weed, press on the lever with your foot, pull the stick towards you and hey presto, up comes the offending item, hopefully with full root 'n' all. Trouble is, you do end up with quite a few holes in your lawn, so have some compost (and if necessary, grass seed) ready..

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