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How To Lessen The Effect Of Hairs You Can't Remove

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If you can't remove certain hairs for whatever reason when shaving your bikini line and you have dark hair, then you will know that they can stand out like a sore thumb and stop you having confidence and a great bikini line.

So what can you do?

Well there are several options available to you.

One practical option may be simply to bleach those hairs so that they go light and therefore won't stand out half as much - in fact people probably won't notice them.

Just be sure that you check for chemical reactions when bleaching and remember that the bleaching agent you use is powerful and should be handled and used as per the instructions.

However you can get home hair bleaching kits and these are what you should use.

Other methods you can use are simply to cover up the affected area or at least to draw attention away from said area by emphasising other parts of your body.

By: Stephanie

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