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How To Make An Organic Compost

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No special equipment needed: one pound of worms will eat one pound of food in 1-2 days. They reproduce rapidly.

Add worms to an existing compost pile,(worms do need protecting in extreme heat & cold). Once established add worms directly to your garden along with plenty of organic mulch.

Worms can be bought through the internet or good gardening centres. Prices vary.

By: Lesley on Sat, Nov 23rd 2002

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You can purchase compost at any garden supply Centre, but it is very easy to make an organic compost. Just you need three things to make an organic compost. First is a green material, which should be high in nitrogen. Any kitchen waste will do. Like coffee grounds, peelings, fruit cores, eggshells, grass clippings, leaves, Manure (barnyard animals). Second is a Brown material, which should be high in carbon. Like paper, small branches, twigs, straw and sawdust, Finally water is the key ingredient in a thriving compost pile. But make sure your compost pile have balanced water. If the water is too low it will not break down at all and if your pile is too wet, it will smell very bad and the ratios of the bacteria outweigh the good. If you don't get enough rainfall to suffice, dump a bucket over the pile once a week to keep things moving. Most important thing is to sterilize the compost and kill the weed seeds. If your pile heats up, gets moisture, and gets turned regularly, you will have a dark, wonderful compost in about one to two months time.

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i want to make my own organic fertilizer, but i dont know what to do. i already ...

- Thu, Feb 3rd 2005

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