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How To Make Married Life Easy

Relationships : Marriage

Be thoughtful. That's the number one thing.

And also remember that men and women love compliments, so give your partner a little compliment each day.

No-one gets bored of hearing nice things about themselves, that's for sure.

So give a little pep to your partner by saying something nice about them each day - there is nothing quite like a genuine compliment to perk someone up, and particularly so if they are having a difficult day or are nervous about something - if they have a big meeting at work, remind them how good they are at getting their point across in the morning for instance.

And also be as tolerant as you can. Too many people are quick to judge these days whilst not liking being judged themselves. Be kind and considerate and you will find that married life is not so hard as many people say it is.

By: Stephanie

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