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How To Measure Your Bra Size

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Finding your Bra Size

Example: first measurement is 29 inches ? that?s an odd number, so you add 5 and the bra measurement is therefore 34 inches. The 2nd (full bust) measurement is 37 inches, therefore the sum is 37-34, which gives a difference of 3 inches. This is a D cup.

3. You must remember however, that all manufacturers do not make their products in the same way, therefore it is advisable to try on the bra before you buy, as you might find your size varies slightly from shop to shop.

Properly Fitting Bras

4. A properly fitting bra should not dig into your body, if this is the case try going down a size eg. 36 inches to 34 inches. Similarly if the bra rides up at the back. If there are any bulges over or at the side of the bra, it is likey that your cup size is too small, so try the next one up.

5. A well fitting bra is firm but does not make red marks on your shoulders or ribcage, and your breasts should not bulge over the cups but be smoothly enclosed.

By: Sasha on Sat, Jun 15th 2002

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