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To brown your meat in the microwave, spray it with a little kitchen bouquet.

It your flower stems are a little short, insert the stems into a straw. There now you have height.

If your drapes are too long, just put a rubber band, around the center of the two long ones, hanging down on the sides. Now pull up a nice big ruffle around the rubber band. There it looks nice, and is up off the floor.

W D 40 works on aching muscles, so will vicks.

Cut tape on the wrong side. Cuts better.

I use a dust mop head to wipe down my vehicles.

You can use small X mas bulbs for night lights.

I keep a spray bottle of water in my frig, and spray my dogs to keep them cool. They love it. Got two baby poms.

No shampoo. Donít fret use bubble bath.

O.k. lets spray some perfume in front of us. Then walk through it for a nice distribution all over us.

You can also spray on perfume, then dad on a little oil. It will last longer.

Nail polish I love. Just brush it on, and then dip my fingers in cold water to set it fast.

Limp lettuce. Just stick it in some cold water.

Letís color some eggs. Put some food color in the water while itís boiling.

Heel marks, just get out your eraser.

Easy sweep. Take your broom or dust mop and spray it with pledge. Now sweep or dust .the floor.

Fudge. When the bubbles reduce in size, so their almost non existent, your fudge is done.

No saffron. Use a small amount of tumeric instead. Cheaper too.

No breadcrumbs. Use crushed cereal.

Need tomato sauce, then use tomato soup.

No noodles, use spaghetti or rice.

Stains on clothes Rub in dawn dish soap, and toss in the

Bladder urgency. Cut back on milk and fruit juices.

Salt removes stains in cups.

When taking medications, use a clarifying shampoo.

Strong nails. Double those fruits and vegetables.

Letís brush that hair. Bend over and brush . This will bring nourishing blood to the scalp. Now brush the roots 25 times.

Mascara. Apply by twirling the wand, from the roots to the tip of the lashes. Go slow now, and twirl away. Then apply mascara to the bottom lashes vertically.

Good circulation. Get those feet elevated 15 minutes a day.

If those eyebrows are too dark, get out your concealer.

Now bring out the color of your eyes. Forget matching shadows with your eyes. I donít I match mine with my outfits. I get a lot of wows. Sometimes I wear three eye shadows. But you all decide whatís best for you. Or try it when youíre not going out.

Always use lukewarm to cool water when shampooing. Hot water will dry out your hair.

Carrots will improve your vision.

In the summer stay cool. Take 1 part witch hazel, and 2 parts water. Spray your face as needed. Keep this in the frig.

Clear contact paper. Use it to leave notes, or even draw on. Then erase when no longer needed, and start over.

Watermellon.. It should be heavy. Also a yellow patch on the bottom, where it sat on the ground, and ripened in the sun. Then youíll know itís going to be good.

Turkey and Chicken salad, toss in chunks of peaches for a burst of flavor.

Broken blisters. Dab on Listerine. Itís a powerful antiseptic.

Cover with tomato paste. The acid soothes the pain, and brings the boil to a head.

By: Bev

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