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How To Pack Well

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The key to good packing, whether going away on business or holiday, is organisation. Throwing things into your suitcase any old way is asking for trouble as you are bound to forget a vital item! First of all you should work out what you expect to be doing during your time away and from this determine what clothing and accessories you will need. Here are some tips to packing these things once you have done this, to ensure that everything arrives as wrinkle-free as possible, and moreover undamaged.

1. Shoes go at the bottom of the case, and should be placed in plastic bags to prevent any dirt transferring from their soles to your clothing.

2. Fill in gaps among the shoes with socks and underwear, ideally so you have one neat layer.

3. Then comes trousers and jeans. It is best to fold them once then roll them, as this actually prevents wrinkles better than folding many times. They can then be placed on top of the shoe layer, or if you have any spaces to fill between the shoes after socks and underwear.

4. You can also alternate shoes with cosmetics eg. Shampoo bottles. However, all such items should be placed in plastic bags and sealed so that if they break or burst, your clothes are not spoiled. Never pack glass bottles beside each other - separate them with rolled trousers/underwear, or between towels and sweaters. (see no. 5)

5. On top of this bottom layer, chunky items like towels and dressing gowns can be placed. Thick sweaters may also be placed alongside.

6. On top of these items you can put thinner ones like shirts, T-shirts, shorts etc. All these items can be rolled as well.

7. Basically, you must try and build up even layers in the suitcase, beginning with all heavy items at the very bottom - this includes hardback books and so on - and moving on to end up with lightest items on top. Ideally there should be no big gaps and things should be secure. If you are packing very delicate items like dresses, put a layer of tissue paper between each one to protect them.

8. If you are travelling on business and require to take items of clothing such as formal suits, evening wear etc, you are better to transport these in a separate garment bag.

9. Always remember to pack a couple of plastic bags for dirty underwear and other clothing to be kept separate from clean clothing on your return.

10. If you are flying by plane, you may want to consider taking items like essential toiletries and medicines, a change of underwear and any other valuables like jewellery etc onto the plane with you in a small bag that is suitable for hand luggage.

By: Bev on Sun, Jun 16th 2002

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