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Pick The Right Sport For You


If you want to start participating in a sport, but have no idea where to begin, use this guide to help you decide which is the right sport for you!

First of all you need to access your physical ability, what stage are you at, do you have good endurance? Balance? Speed? Do you already participate in certain sports? It all depends on your current fitness level, to decide which sport to begin with, and remember, you may start of with a certain sport, but it doesn't mean you can’t change it.

Once you have assessed your fitness level, research some sports, think of ones you have done before? Did you enjoy them? Find out what you enjoy.

Do you want to do a team sport? This is for the best if you like working in teams and want the social side too, you might make friends, and there will be less pressure on your own solo performance.

Or do you want to go it alone, and focus on a sport you can do by yourself? Decide whether you want to do something competitive or not.

Now you have decided the path you want to take here are a list of sports you could try.
Team Sports: Football, Rugby, Hockey, Basketball, Baseball, Bowling, Cricket
Individual: Karate, Ski, Fencing, Track, Tennis, Snowboarding, Archery, Gym, Skating, Swimming, Wrestling
Non Competitive Sport: Running, Karate, Ski, Snowboarding, Bowling, Darts, Canoeing, Kayaking, Sailing, Dancing, Swimming

Its also important to look at your body type to access what you may be better at.
If you are bulkier you may want a strength sport like football, rugby.
If your tall, Fencing or Basketball may suit you.
Look around where you live for sports clubs and centers!

By: Jade

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