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How To Play Trumps

Games : Card Games

Knock-out trumps is a fun and easy game for the family, including children. There are seven rounds in total, with one less card each per round.

Using a standard pack, the dealer deals seven cards to each person playing. The top card from the undealt pack is turned upwards, and the card displaying face up indicates the suit that is trumps.

The player to the left of the dealer leads. Players must follow suit if possible, else play a trump or any other card. The highest card of the suit, or the highest trump if any trumps are played, wins the round.

Once all cards are played, the winner of the most tricks wins the round. The dealer moves round one, and in the next round one less card is dealt. The winner of the previous round nominates trumps.

If a round is drawn, the deck is cut and those drawing pick a card. The highest, irrespective of suit, wins the right to nominate trumps.

If a person gets no tricks in a round, they are out of the game, the exception being the first round, where those with no tricks may continue. The winner is the last person left or the winner of the final one person round.

By: Stephen

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