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Powerfoods 2013

Food And Drink : Weight Loss Foods

Losing weight can sometimes be a struggle, but it helps by eating the right foods. Here is a list of the top powerfoods that can help you lose weight in 2013.

Avocados are a great all round powerfood, they have been shown to help prevent prostate cancer, oral cancer, breast cancer and have said to help the health of your eyes. Avocados help lower your cholesterol and help your heart. They are also full of Vitamin E. Add Avocado to salads to get your dosage of it.

Peanut Butter
Not only is peanut butter rather filling but it helps you lose eight. It fights cravings and actually has lot of nutrition and vitamin e. The fat in Peanut butter is the good kind! So have some on wholemeal bread.

Olive Oil
Olive Oil has good fats and you should have about two tablespoons a day. It reduses blood presure, risks of cancer and diabetes.

Almond nuts curb hunger and make you feel full up. Chewing these nuts can even trigger hormones that curb the hunger.

Spinach is a great food, it has so many benefits, it curbs overeating, prevents constipation and keeps your blood sugar at a healthy rate. It is packed full of vitamin a and can do wonders for the body.

Berries are full of natural vitamins and you should try get as much into your diet as you can, Sprinkle some berries on porridge in the mornings or put some in greek yoghurt for a healthy desert or snack.

Try and get as much oatmeal and brans as you an. They have slow releasing carbs and they keep your sugar at the right levekls, they can help you burn fat! Have some porridge for breakfast or some weetabix

Mushrooms are great for filling you up but they are also very good for you. You could have portobello mushrooms with some quorn mince bolognaise!

Having eggs for breakfast is great, they make you feel fuller for longer. Eggs have lots of protein too and are good for you. Have eggs with salad for lunch?

Chili Peppers
Hot Pepper and spices make you feel less hungry and burn calories, try sprinkling some cayenne pepper over certain foods.

By: Jade

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