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How To Prevent Bed Bugs

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Clean and hoover your bedroom as often as you can and inspect the mattress and bed frame as well. Make sure there are no signs of bed bugs.

Put on a protective case for your mattress to stop bugs getting into it as easily.

Wash your bed sheets weekly in hot water and tumble dry to kill any bugs.

Light sheets are ideal as they will be easier to spot any bugs.

Keep the bed away from the wall and other furniture so it makes it harder for them to reach the mattress. Ensure bedding does not touch the ground.

Keep under the bed free from clutter and dust often.

Always check used furniture properly before bringing into your home.

Buy a bug spray if needed.

If you cant remove the bed bugs completely then throw away all items, clean and call a pest control firm to have your house fumigated and get rid of them for good. Make sure you follow the preventative tips for the future to stop them from coming back again.

By: Danielle

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