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How To Put On A Gig


Firstly, check out your local venues, arrange a meeting with them and ask about hire fees, times, dates, age restrictions etc. Once you have a date confirmed with them, you can start looking for bands on myspace… contact them with all the details and invite them to perform. I suggest 4 or 5 acts as a maximum per show, usually give them 25-30min sets, maybe slightly longer for headliners.

Then put the event up on Facebook and invite all your friends to it. Get the bands to do the same too, and you should set up a ticket link for advance sales. Get flyers printed up and hand them out around town (check with the council first), or at local universities, gigs, etc. You will also need to arrange for someone to do the till on the day, and you may want to look into getting someone to host the night aswell, if you don’t want to do that yourself. Having someone to introduce the bands before they go on stage gives the gig a bit of an edge, and makes it look more professional.

You’ll need to provide the sound engineer with all the bands’ technical details at least a week in advance, and arrange soundcheck times for the acts. Make sure they all turn up on time as the worst thing is if you have to run over into the start of the gig and end up cutting sets. An idea to keep the bands happy is to provide them commission per person they bring in (say £1 per ticket they sell) to help them with expenses, drinks etc – this will also encourage them to promote.

Don’t forget to send out your listings to the local radios, newspapers and magazines, aswell as adding all the info to all the event websites and whats on guides. Enlist a few friends to help you out on the night and act as runners.

By: Danielle

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