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Q13: What Wouldn't You Be Prepared To Do In The Job?

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This is an awkward question. You don't want to be too negative or give specifics if you can help it.

Therefore you should say that you keep an open mind and will never say 'no' to a job until you are in full possession of the facts.

Then say that your moral fibres and structures are important, and hence that if these needed to be compromised, or indeed the law, then you would not do it.

For instance, if the company asked you to do something that was clearly illegal then you would not do it.

Of course, if the company is disappointed with this answer then it is definitely not one that you would want to work for! If you say that you will do absolutely anything, then this is a weak answer. You should mention some sort of limit to show personal integrity.

Having said that, don't say that you aren't prepared to put in a couple of hours extra work here and there. You need to be committed whilst at the same time having values.

By: Job Expert

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