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Q10: So, Tell Me About Yourself

Jobs : Successful Job Search Questions At Interview

This question may also be stated more fully as something like "I have read your CV, which is full of your achievements to date, but I'd be interested if you would tell me about yourself"

This is a very general question indeed. Essentially the employer simply wants to know how you view yourself - it is a SELF-AWARENESS question.

You are in the best place of anyone to give a judgement as to what is really important to you. Therefore rather than give your life history in a few minutes, you should try and stay to the task in hand - convincing the employer that you are right for them.

Therefore in what you say about yourself, demonstrate the qualities important to the job, and give examples.

For instance "I take my health and fitness seriously, and can often be seen on the tennis court. I used to play county tennis, and this required good discipline in training and pushing myself to be as good as possible.

These qualities of determination and ambition to do as well as possible are ones that I hold dear and feel that I could employ well in a job with you."

Or, "I love being around people - they fascinate me. I really enjoy the buzz of being part of a successful team. This creates a great, fun atmosphere at work as well as harnessing a very effective and efficient team in which to do work.

The reputation that your company has for fostering such a working environment is something that particularly attracted me to the job".

That way you talk about yourself, what you have done and what is important to you, whilst relating it to your ability to do the job for that company. Killing many birds with one stone!

By: Job Expert

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